Like a crazy person.

I have been knitting like a crazy person. When I left my last final on the Tuesday of finals week, (Fibers: ran late, too…) I went back to my room and I slept for five hours. I woke up for about an hour to eat dinner, and then I went back to sleep until well into the afternoon of the next day. when I woke up, I made two pies, went to a work function for one of my jobs, and then left early to go to my other job. when I got out, I sat in my room and got to work on woolen Christmas gifts. the last gift was finished at 2AM on Christmas Day, and the last gift was wrapped at 2:30. Right on schedule. The bulk of time was devoted to a lace shawl for my mother- but I also made a hat, and a tyvek ‘air mail’ inspired wallet. It doesn’t seem like that much, but I put a great many hours into those projects. Pictures of all that later- plus the post- Christmas gifts for my friends at school.Tomorrow is going to be Prom Dress Day Number 1: hoop skirt and underlining. I estimate the whole thing will take about three days, so I’m giving myself two, and planning for five. the hoop skirt fabric is in an overnight dye bath upstairs, so we’ll see what goes down with it tomorrow. meanwhile, I have one more top secret gift mission to accomplish before the spring semester begins next week….


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