why Martin was born when he was.

My goodness it’s been a while since I rambled. A whole new set of classes seems to bring a whole new set of problems that need to be solved. We are the ready and the willing, though. I’m taking what the normal person may think of as a tough workload of classes- maxed out on credit hours with two studio classes, one studio-esque independent study, a Calculus class (which shall heretofore be referred to as ‘Math’ to make it sound less scary), and several other gen eds.Β  …not to mention my two jobs- and oh-that prom dress that I have two months to finish. I consider this, especially compared to last semester’s four studio classes and then some. I think I’ll be fine. math is the only thing I’m worried about. that whole class takes us through the discovery of calculus as it happened in the real world-minus the thousand years it took real mathematicians to figure it out. You probably want to hear about my Vis Comm 2 stuff. well, you’ll have to wait. updates first. I have a plan for the theatre poster. finally. the word plan is not to be confused with the words ‘concept’ or ‘sketch’- because I do not in fact have either of those things. what I have is an idea, and Ideas Are Bulletproof. (see what I did there? if you don’t, go watch V for Vendetta…) In other news, I have a new sewing machine- the same kind as my last one, because this new one was determined to be in better condition than my old one. the new one’s name is New Florence, but I’ll be calling her Florence just the same. Soon, we’ll add to our collection a treadle sewing machine (a singer if we’re lucky…) and I shall build from it…a spinning wheel! (without sacrificing the integrity of the sewing machine, of course…Also: Owls!

Owl Army

I made them as Christmas presents for my friends πŸ™‚ exciting stuff. They look really creepy when they’re all lined up in little rows like that…all kind of staring at you. you just know they’re plotting world domination. no question about it. they’re pretty cute alone, though. I decided that when I grow up, I’m going to have a bowl full of them and other animals like them on my coffee table (kind of like how people have fake fruit in bowls…) and they’ll be a great conversation starter, plus they’re completely harmless to throw at people if I ever need to do that. a whole bowl full of projectiles! doesn’t that sound like fun? I think so. Also:

you know you’re curious. our patient was sheep, and he had been washed in hot water in order to remove any potential infestation of fleas, as the dogs dragged them in from somewhere. in the sanitation process, his polyester stuffing became matted and slightly melty, so I cut open his tummy seam (with my new seam ripping surgical tools that I got for Christmas- because I am, in fact, like this all the time…) and replaced his stuffing with a mixture of polyester and silk. I usually prefer natural fibers, but in this case, polyester is the best for maintaining fluffyness. the silk adds that slippery texture that will help keep the polyester from matting very quickly. and, there’s enough stuffing for ten more sheeps in my bag, so he’ll be fine for the rest of his life. in short, the surgery was successful.

Entrelac is a technique in knitting…I haven’t looked it up, but I would guess that it’s french for ‘interlock’, because of the way the little squares you knit interlock with each other as you go along. I had been wanting to learn for a while, and my roomie’s christmas present was a good reason to sit down and learn something new over break. it’s a neck wrap with two very fancy buttons in the front. if you’re especially adept at this sort of thing, you’ll be able to tell the order I knit the squares in. (hint: it has to do with the color shifting yarn…)


Long awaited progress on the third dress. It’s for my littlest sister, if you don’t recall, and she’s given me a lot more creative freedom than I got last year. the cream part of the skirt is just pinned on as sort of a mock-up, I actually hope to get it permanently attached this weekend-that is, if I have time. then I can start all the beading that will follow me in days to come. This is kind of exciting- my first all-out puffy dress. I also am doing a flat patterning independent study right now, so that will lend to some really awesome clothes-type projects when I have time. I want some 50’s style vintage clothing. dresses, frocks, aprons, puffed sleeves…This is happening. and they’ll fit my weird body perfectly. yeah. get excited.


Moving on. Here’s where I’m at with the Typeface display poster assignment:

The typeface I chose to ‘sell’ was Palatino- I have a very fond attachment to Palatino, its pretty much my go-to serif font, but Georgia is acceptable as well. Optima and I are also good friends, which is funny, because Optima is very, very similar to Palatino. This is the pre-revisions poster- I’m going to be changing the ? to a !, I think. Unless I come up with an even better idea. Going back, I might have done Helvetica instead, because Helvetica and I get along wonderfully, but I thought for sure that half the class was going to do Helvetica. I was wrong. Let it be stated, however, that I am on Team Helvetica. that needs to be on a shirt. I’d wear it. or Helvetica is Sexy. I’d wear that. I need some typography shirts, I think. Too bad Art is so expensive.

Here’s the web page adaptation:

Gill Sans! its Gill Sans! that’s the monotype logo font. took me almost 20 minutes to scroll through to the Gs in my font collection….there should be a google for fonts….’vertical legs on capital M, straight tail on Y, serif-style accent at top of t’…you know. so we could all geek out whenever we came across fonts we didn’t recognize.

General things to say about this project: spent just about the budgeted six hours on this project- although does it count that one and a half of those hours was me wandering about the web Googling font names and reading their histories, and the histories of typography in general? I do not know. It went by really fast, probably because I enjoyed the work. Also, I really, really have an intense passion for typesetting. that little square box/column setup where I put the content? it makes me all happy inside. I am not ashamed, I think its wonderful. I went through every single word of that, and wrote and rewrote the sentences that weren’t pretty enough, and I enjoyed it immensely. I want to go into the book publishing business when I graduate, I think…might be bad because paper’s kind of going out of style these days. I could do it for web viewing as well, though. who knows? what kinds of crazy future toys will we have in five, ten years?…maybe we’ll even get some hover boards with those new back to the future nikes…

So I suppose you want to know why Martin was born when he was, don’t you? well, I’ll tell you. Martin’s birthday gives us a three day weekend to end the first week of the new semester. we get oriented with our classes, we get back into the swing of things, and all the professors, some of whom are frightening all the time, and others of whom have resolved, this new year, to be more frightening than last year, have exactly five days to pound us with as manyΒ  assignments, lectures, papers, projects, worksheets, and horror stories (ask the printmaking professor, Jim Jereb, how many people he scares off at the beginning of every semester with the story about the girl who almost DIED because she stabbed herself in the femoral artery whilst working on homework he assigned-how she just barely made it to the hospital before she bled out all over the back seat of her roommate’s car…)…train of though?…they have five days to pound us with all the work we never thought was possible, and then we have three days to work like there’s no tomorrow to get everything they want done. the first week is especially important because we will all be learning and adjusting to our new schedules.and that’s why Martin’s birthday is on the day it is. so now, leaving you with, at this point, 1634 words that you’ve now just read..okay, 1641….I’m going to go get started on All. That.Work.




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