not quite the machine we’d all hoped for…

Paintings are too hard. The things I want to show are mechanical. Machines have less problems. I’d like to be a machine, wouldn’t you?

Andy Warhol was a freakin’ genius. I mean, that dude had life Figured. Out. I do love his art, but what I really mean is that he did what he wanted. exactly what he wanted. All the time. Marilyn Monroe’s face over and over? Yes. Campbell’s soup? Heck yes. America’s most wanted? Why not? Andy did whatever he wanted to do, all the time. and he loved it. he lived life well. he was also a crazy person, but hey-aren’t we all?

Sometimes, I think it’d be good to just be a machine. I think, if I could just knock all this stuff off my to do list, I wouldn’t have any more stressful 2am internal meltdowns. It always seems as though, as soon as whatever it is makes its way on to my to do list, I don’t want to have anything to do with it anymore. beading on the list? all I want to do is knit. Knitting on the list? So not happening. and it seems, of course, that some kind of class-related assignment always makes it on to the list. I end up doing calculus instead, because it’s only really halfheartedly on the list to begin with..I really need to find a new place to sit in that classroom. there’s a draft.

I’m working, right now, on approximately six projects related to my chosen career path, and one project related to my pretend-career path. I’m much more fond of the latter. I can’t show you pictures any more, because someone might see them, and there has to be a grand unveiling, otherwise one little sister will be quite unhappy- and we wouldn’t want that. I think that dressmaking is probably the least mechanical of all the arts- or at least one of them. Even the sewing machines that we use are, in all reality, far from people’s initial first impressions of them. My machines each have their own distinct personalities, and some have more defined personalities than a few people that I know. My perceived notion of this mechanical lack, however, is probably mostly due to the subject its self- you can’t make repetition after repetition of a garment and expect it to fit everyone perfectly. Even if you’re going to try and pull a ‘sisterhood of the traveling pants’ reference out of your misspent youth, those pants fit each girl differently. In the industry, arbitrary sizes are assigned to the different measurements of a body, and those measurements are used to mass produce clothes that have a significant amount of positive ease, in order to accommodate half sizes. Any respectably stinkin’ rich businessman knows that the very best suits are the ones tailored to their individual bodies, and the same even more widely applies to women. The only way something will fit is if it is made for your specific measurements, not the ideal measurements of factory clothing. After all this, I haven’t touched at all on the process that goes into such a custom garment-that’s got enough non-mechanical aspects to get me talking for another three weeks. I wouldn’t do that to you, though. At least not today.

wanna see a poster? I thought you might.

how do you feel about the layout of the type? I’m not sure about it. I like my type to behave mechanically- to fit perfectly into the exact space that I’ve laid out for it, and although I like future below mountainous, it throws down the rest of the copy, which bothers me a little on the left side. I may mess with that a teensy bit more. I do like the illustration though. its all painty! it’s a wacom tablet painting, in case you were curious. probably not.

what else is going on in this great wonderful life? not much, I tell you. or a lot, depending on how you look at it. I’ve been knitting during my gen ed classes, using my daily allowances of relaxation time to work on the dress, and spending time either sleeping, forgetting to eat, or doing my homework. there’s a lot of homework. hypothetically half as much as there was last semester, because I’m in half as many studio classes, and yet….not. I need to actually get stuff done and learn from it, not just get it done so I can turn it in. there’s no learning there! I need time to stop and examine what’s going on. must…work…on…time turner….

I guess that’s the difference between us and machines. we learn. I wish to just know, like a machine does, but more of me wants to be able to learn.


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