Small Things. Literally.

Another week, another to do list. My days are filled with one unfinished project after another. I’m sure you know what that’s like, though. Today, though-today was surprisingly productive. I pretty much hit the ground running this morning, and am only just beginning to settle in to my nest again. (when all you have is a bed and a desk in your half of a dorm room, you learn to improvise with space. I have a nest.) I suppose the most important accomplishments of my day have been dress-related. I finished the first flower for the dress yesterday, quite late- and, as requested, I put a picture online for my sister to see. Then I made another flower.

This is my life. It’s all the beading I’ve accomplished so far, and although it looks like a lot, I have quite a journey left ahead of me. Mostly, it’s the flowers. I only have one. I need a lot more than one.  The one in the picture is the first one. Here’s a close up:

Let’s keep in mind that what you see on your screen is probably a lot larger than life. Unless you have a tiny screen. So, like I said before- each petal is 40 minutes, and there are five petals per flower. this is not including leaves, of course. The second flower looks like this:

Just because the colors of this one showed up better in the picture doesn’t make the first one any less pretty. They’re both pretty in person. My sister wants to see different types of flowers, which was not planned, but is fine with me, because it’ll give me more room to experiment. Also, her favorite flower is a daisy, which I did not know- so there will be some daisies in our future. I’m spending tomorrow night working on the dress again, and tomorrow’s exciting because it’s zipper day, and also finish-tacking-the-skirt day. Short version, if we pretend that the flowers are a separate entity, the dress will be done tomorrow night. We really can’t pretend that for very long, though, can we? I won’t post a picture, because in a picture, it looks exactly the same as it has for two weeks. the difference is that now, it’s nearly a wearable dress- and two weeks ago, it was just a pile of pins pretending to be a wearable dress. Do you see that beautiful chocolatey brown knit background that the second flower is sitting on? ooh, how I love  surprises. That’s one of my new prototypes- and I’m hiding it from you for now because I need to get the second one finished and do an official photo shoot. I need to find someone with a motorcycle for that, too. Those colors just look so good together, though. Couldn’t resist. Also, she asked me today to make some flowers to go in her hair, and attach them to bobby pins. so I’ll be doing that as well. Those guys will be super tiny though- probably just over half an inch in diameter. I’ll use my super small seed beads, instead of the normal size 11s. And after prom, I’ll be stealing them back from her and wearing them in my own pair. You’ll see why. I have a picture in my head that will become reality this weekend. I will not be sleeping too terribly much this weekend.


okay. so only the first page of this wants to come up. I’ll work on that… There was not a lot of copy to work with in this project. it was painful. I refused to make the type bigger. so I just filled up space with that bar. plus the columns are so small, that pictures can really only stack unless they’re super tall and skinny or something. I’m hoping Rusty will have some suggestions for this one tomorrow.

There’s the web page. I just think that puppy picture is so cute. Someone probably played with that dog for hours before it was tired enough that it let them put that thing on its head. plus, there were different angles to choose from- so he was probably really really tired. When we first got Tanzie, we tired her out so bad the first night that she would just flop over and sleep-and we all kept waking her up because she was just so cute. There are pictures.

what, you don’t believe me?

This was a few days after we brought her home. The collar that she’s wearing fits around my wrist as a bracelet now.

See, I know there are cute puppies in the world, but I’m pretty sure this one is actually the cutest.

That’s Mr. Teddy in the corner. She still carries Mr. Teddy around with her, but he doesn’t have a face anymore, because while Tanzie was outside playing one day, Jasper took his pent up aggression towards her out on poor Mr. Teddy. It’s okay- she doesn’t seem to mind his faceless-ness. Also, she sleeps on her back like that all the time.

ps- She’s not that small anymore. Sometimes she thinks she is.

If you’re good, and I’m productive, you’ll see some more flowers soon!


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