a day of reflection, a day of recuperation, or a day of production?

University conference day means different things to different people. There’s the crowd that thinks the day off means one must party hard the night before, and wake up just in time for dinner the next day- there’s the crowd that watches TV into the wee hours really really loud right on the other side of your wall into the wee hours, and then there’s me. We didn’t have class today, and I woke up the same time I always wake up. At 7. I wish that I could say I did this on purpose, but I did not. I really wanted to go back to sleep for twelve more hours, but I could not. It was probably a good thing though, because today was a day to get stuff done, and stuff got done alright. I made another flower (plus two from yesterday, which brings my total up to six, seven if you count the spazzy one, which we won’t), I prepared my plate for printmaking this weekend, I worked on the Theater poster for two hours in Fine Arts Publications, with nobody and nobody’s music there to distract me, I completely bossed the Smokey the bear ad series, I designed the society of physics students’ t-shirt, and I prepared some traditional Chinese silk, in the traditional Japanese resist method, for some traditional Indonesian indigo. I’ll be doing some more dyeing tomorrow afternoon- but would you like to see what came out of the dye baths yesterday?

This one, I folded up into a small square and used two small c-clamps to sandwich it between two quite large washers, which I found at wal mart. I purposely let the clamps constrict the fabric around the edges of the washer, so there would be some texture, and someone told me that the washers look like three dimensional doughnuts….I just think they look cool, doughnuts or not. The cool thing about this piece was that I had sandwiched the washers on so tightly that, when I removed them and the clamps 24 hours later, the underneath area was still green and I watched it darken before my eyes- that means that area was completely deprived of oxygen all that time…how cool!

This one is my favorite. It is called Arashi Shibori, which is a technique of wrapping a piece of fabric around a wide-diameter pvc pipe, and then wrapping a piece of string around it while scrunching up the part that’s been wrapped. I wanted to make this into a skirt, but the color and pattern isn’t uniform enough, so I think it’s just going to hang out on my wall so I can stare at it all the time. I plan to do another piece this way as well. Doesn’t it look like the ocean?

The ones I have for tomorrow are all different techniques, so you’ll see those later, hopefully!

Now. I feel as though you’ve been very patient with me lately, so I have a reward for you: Vis Comm!

Smokey the bear

so. the idea is that there are three sequential ads in a magazine, and you flip to them in the order that they appear here. I actually really like this idea- I was kind of doing some random wikipedia wanderings, and I saw that smokey had been introduced in 1944. I then decided to look up the statistics of forest fires in the early 20th and the 21st century- and eureka! An ad was born!. We’ll see what rusty thinks tomorrow. I also have a lot of revisions to make to the other projects- but I’ve picked out the eight that I’m going to work on for the midterm- and that is all happening this weekend. (PS- the colors are insanely saturated because of the CMYK to RGB conversion. Sorry.)

How about a t shirt?

They came up with the concept, and an accompanying design, which Boy made the mistake of showing me. If you had seen last year’s society of physics students shirt, you would understand my intense desire to have input on this one. Especially at the frequency with which he wears it. Really, the traffic-cone orange color doomed that shirt from the start. Anyhow, the idea is that the equation that’s on the delorean is some kind of quantum mechanics time operator, that somehow does something with particles, but they call it the ‘time machine operator’- hence the time machine and the back to the future theme. Yes, I intend to get one of these shirts for myself. No, they did not pay me- but I did get half a pizza today, and this is apparently still enough to bribe me. It’s going to take chocolate next time, though…

So, the annual juried student show is taking submissions this weekend. I have a few things I’d like to enter, but one of them is a vis comm project from digital graphics last semester that I’d have to reprint:

IT COSTS SO MUCH MONEY TO PRINT THINGS. I have to decide between this and dinner. It could be worth it though. Everyone seemed to like this poster. I also have a particularly successful printmaking project to submit as well. You’ve probably noticed by now, my particular love of Helvetica…This will never change. it fit so perfectly here, anyways…Don’t question it.


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