I needed that.

I did a bad thing. It was for the right reasons, though. I was just so tired of being good, I had to rebel against society for a little while, and do something because I wanted to do it. I really don’t regret doing it as much as I thought I would, because the world actually didn’t end- or hasn’t ended yet- as a repercussion for my actions. Nobody has died, no tests have been failed, and no deadlines have flown by (it’s early though- it’s not out of the question). I am, as of yet; alive, functioning, capable of rational thought, and quite happy. I feel liberated, and I feel like I might need to be rebellious more often. Guess what I did?

I knit a hat.


This, however, is not just any hat. This is Molly (by Erin Ruth, and which can be found on ravelry or at knitmeasong.blogspot.com) It also happens to be made of Malabrigo (Malabrigo Twist, colorway #98, Tuareg). Two things about this: First, knitting with this yarn like driving a Lamborghini down the AutobonΒ  when nobody else is around to slow you down. This yarn is the softest, squooshiest, non wooliest- of all the wools, and it is amazing. So amazing, in fact, that I don’t want to knit with anything else. ever. If only its price didn’t reflect its stellar qualities as well as it does. Second, The color, Tuareg, has a story. The Tuareg people are a tribe of nomads that live in northern Africa (they speak a dialect of French)- they are also known as the blue people, because they wear head scarves that cover the entire face, except the eyes, and they are dyed, and dyed, and dyed with indigo- pounded into the fabric because there is very little water in the desert. The older and more wise they are, the darker their scarves get. The scarves are so saturated with dye that when they sweat it stains their skin, hence the blue men. Now, this color is pretty darn far from indigo- but I love it anyways. It’s more of a blueish teal. The picture is actually fairly accurate on my screen. Hah- check out my messy desk in the background- and all those sticky notes!

I guess I just needed a good instant gratification project for once this semester. I have been doing all these things that take such a long time to conceive and execute- and this was the perfect project for a day of unattached, glorious, no-strings-attached, knitting. I should point out that I modified the pattern slightly because I was 50 yards short of the desired yardage, and that’s quite a lot in a hat. It’s not as slouchy as it would have been, but it is slouchy enough to have crossed the line from oversize beanie to intentional slouch. There is a line, in case you were curious. Wearing an oversize beanie makes you look like a gangster. Not in a good gangster sort of way, though…like a gangster who also does not believe in belts… Fear not! This hat has intentional slouch. And happens to be the very softest of them all!…It also has a wonderful cable, which I had a very hard time taking a picture of with my phone, in this poorly lit dorm room, in my pajamas. but I did it. The cable shrinks into the crown of the hat with a few nearly-invisible decreases, which is a wonderful characteristic of this wonderful pattern. I still can’t believe my work got done. Next weekend, I should knit a sweater.


I wish I wasn’t kidding.


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