Things n’ Stuff.

So many exciting things have been happening to me, one right after the other, that I seem to have almost built up an immunity to the excitement. The midterm break countdown is down to single digits, and therefore, so is the dress being done countdown. You’ll see pictures when it’s done, but not good pictures for another two months-because that’s when prom is. I’ll still, of course, be working on hair accessories and the knitted arm warmers she wants to accompany the dress- but those are things that I can mail. and a ballgown is not. it really is difficult to get the wrinkles out of it- the way I constructed it. I also have a job this summer, which means I’m staying here in an apartment over the summer, working for the Student Union. Another exciting thing is that we signed up for rooms for next year- so I know where I’m living! (most importantly, there is a large room for spreading out fabric just like the one I have now!) what else? would you like to see some indigo?

The unfortunate thing about this one is that it’s the one I spent the most time on, and its also my least favorite one. I do love that edging, though- that is something I plan to use on a project yet to be determined. It has occurred to me that I should have taken before/in progress pictures. I’ll do that for the next batch, if the indigo is still alive when I go back. What if nobody takes care of them over break? They’ll die! I hope someone remembers they’re in there…I’m kind of attached. Anyhow, the middle part of this one was a thick, tight whip-stitch that gathered the fabric a little bit, and the edges are a firmly gathered running stitch.

Here’s another one I wrapped around a PVC pipe (remember the last one? This was just a small piece, but it turned out pretty well. I used thinner string this time, which actually made a big difference. Also, the difference in fabric. This is Pima cotton, and the other was a light-as-air silk Habotai. (WordPress would like to inform me that Habotai is actually ‘habitat’…spelled wrong…) I do really like the pole wrapping technique, but I wish it was more uniform in some cases. I want to learn to control it.

FAVORITE. This one is another little test piece, and the best picture I could take, given the lighting. It basically has those little circles spaced out in a 1.5 inch spread pattern…It’s another Pima cotton example, but I would really like to make a skirt out of this with one of my silk pieces. They’re all too small. (Solution to problem: I will be ordering more soon…if the indigo doesn’t die…) I really want a skirt like this. Pleated, with a wide, contrasting-fabric hem. yup. maybe high-waisted, maybe not. I have this whole thing planned out. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a long-term list thing…I have three sticky notes worth of things I would like to do right now. Would like to. That’s not even including the things I have to do…school and work stuff. I’m going to go do something that’s not on my list for a while, in celebration of getting a piece accepted to the Student Juried Show for the second year in a row. Maybe there’ll be prize money involved this year!


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