something I learned this week.

Sorry I disappeared for a week- it was spring break. Distractions and roadblocks occurred around every bend. I cannot explain to you how much I wish I could go back to the beginning of the week, hit myself over the head with a book, and explain to myself what a bad idea my plans were. As it turns out, having six doctor’s appointments all scheduled up into four days is generally a bad idea. There was really no avoiding it though- all of my doctors happen to work in St. Louis, and I happen to not be in St. Louis for the majority of my time anymore. I wish I could have actually had a spring break, but clearly I am a crazy person. with problems. I won’t bore you with the details. I think I’d go over the blog word limit if I did. Other than that, all I did with my break was finish my third prom dress (relief+sadness = time for a new project!)


better pictures will not ensue until summer happens- then, I will get a new camera, of the biggest, baddest variety, and then there will be pictures of everyone! all the time! Including this. It’s only fitting that there should be pictures of this one, because there are good pictures of the other two. Anyways. It didn’t even take any late nights this time, because all I had to do was sew on the flowers. I also made a neat little bow for the back, but it’s flat, which is good, because it isn’t too distracting that way. Now, I’m going to start the arm warmers that are to accompany this dress. they are this color:

I dyed it myself!

I’m excited to be knitting again. quite. I also like that it has somewhat of a varied tonal range- it’s kind of brighter in person, actually, now that I look at this picture. It looked so cool in the dye bath:

it gets all curly!

this makes me smile. I have some cooler pictures, but this one shows it the best, I think. I’m excited! are you excited?

I keep thinking this is going to be such a stressful week, and then I remember that I don’t have the dress looming over me anymore- All I have is school and work, and my extracurricular activities are now limited to what I want them to be. I definitely have a plethora of new projects planned- my fabric bag, which was looking a little anemic before break, has been replenished with many new fabrics for many new projects, and my yarn stash, which was overflowing before break, is expecting a shipment of yarn to come in tomorrow. oh yes. I’ve been stashing. I also have a darning hoop for Florence, my lovely sewing machine- so anything that should get a hole can be easily fixed. This weekend, I’ll be fighting Lucille back into my shape again-since I no longer need her for the dress. I have fabric for dresses of my own! (nothing quite that formal planned yet though…) I also need to get to town on some custom fabric labels for the things I’ve been making. We’ve already established that I can inkjet print on fabric with the help of a bit of freezer paper- the question is what- what to put on the label? We shall see.

I did a few other things this weekend-but nothing is quite picture-worthy. I swatched for my noro/rainbow/stripy/raglan sweater (Size 6 needles, and noro, obviously, plus some tasty Nashua, which is actually a lot hairier than I expected. I don’t mind it though, it’ll keep me extra-warm. It’s the alpaca content. Apparently the alpaca content in Nashua is a little more coarse than usual. I never have a problem with alpaca though, so hairy it is! This will be the sweater that will make strangers want to hug me)… I also swatched the arm warmers that are what the above skein will become….about six times. after three swatches of one lace pattern, I decided to switch patterns, and now I’m on the third swatch of the second pattern and still not completely satisfied with the density of the fabric. I do enjoy the stitch pattern though. There just needs to be more contrast between the normal stitches and the yarn-overs. Maybe I’ll try a double yarn over type thing. New swatch!…my next instant gratification project, when my shipment comes in tomorrow, will be some very wonderful bunny slippers, with equally wonderful leather bottoms. Thick ones, too. That way, the yarn will be protected, and they’ll last forever. Unlike my shoes, which I wore through the soles of this weekend. I did get new shoes, though- that’s good- and these shoes don’t look quite as orthopedic as the last ones! And they don’t have ties! I can’t tie shoes. Rephrase: I am knowledgeable in the art of tying shoes, but my limited thumb function frowns upon excessive use. Anything I can cut out of my daily routine makes everything else I can’t cut out that much easier. So my new shoes have elastic. And they have arch support. And they are awesome. And they make me look less like a little old lady. I’m still pretty good at the little old lady look, though.

So. Moral of the story. Doctors appointments are bad. Doctors appointments on vacation are worse. Doctors who refuse to understand that telling a patient they don’t know what’s wrong is better than subjecting them to a game of painful tests, and unclear answers.

other moral of the story. If someone ever gives you a vacation, take it. Don’t ask questions. Don’t fill it with other work and scheduled things you don’t like. Take it. And don’t tell anyone else about it, either.


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