Today was a long, and very productive day. I now have very concrete ideas for all but one project that I’m working on-and I have time to think on that. This week is a week of doing, and it’s only going to get better from here. I began my illustration for society of illustrators-it’s more of a rough, digital comp than a beginning, so I’d rather not post it quite yet. You’ll see it eventually. Besides- tonight there are more important things on my mind. yarn-y things!

Just in time for easter, two very special bunnies were born. They are each unique, and have their own very special personalities. They still have a bit of growing to do, but they are the softest, warmest, cuddliest bunnies ever.

These are my Easter bunnies! (ignore that hair to the left in the picture- apparently I’m shedding my winter coat…) I am pretty sure they are the cutest things ever. I now understand why women are obsessed with shoes. it took me a long time to understand, but they are everything one could desire: natural fiber, they stay on my feet, they are custom made, and they are just generally adorable! they have pink noses-ears- and buttons! I will soon be finding cotton tails for them-and attaching leather soles, and making some removable insoles for them, so they will be as durable as they are generally awesome. They are knit, and then felted- and the difference is pretty drastic:

the before and after picture!- after a weekend of me sitting indian-style on the counter in the kitchen, up to my elbows in warm, soapy water- I have some very awesome slippers. I also started a sweater:

What did you do with your weekend?

Today, The Great Knowledgeable One gave me my first lesson in web design. I now understand the conceptual basics of how to build a web page. I can’t actually do anything yet- but I know that everything is built out of boxes, and that all’s you have to do is control the placement of the boxes, and your work is mostly done. Each box has a smaller box inside it, and you keep going like that until everything fits. Really, this should be right up my alley- I love storing things inside of boxes inside of boxes inside of boxes. All of the organization! In return for The Great Knowledgeable One’s lessons on web design- I made these:

Crochet sushi! I may have already shown you this picture- if so, I’m sorry, but it’s relevant. Dave wants me to build a web site over the summer for some kind of Truman program, so I have to learn how to do it, or they’re going to leave it to the computer science kid on the team, and it’s going to be as horrible looking as it is now. I need still to gain practical knowledge, but that is easier now that I conceptually understand what is going on. I am afraid to wait until web design class next year, because I have heard bad things about the level of actual learning that goes on as a result of the attempts at teaching- so they just learn everything on their own anyways- I’m just going to get a head start on the process. The Great Knowledgeable One is a good, if easily distracted teacher. There was a lot ofย  ‘don’t write this down….’ But I learned.

This weekend will be the first Easter I spend away from home. I’m too busy to go home- and even if I wasn’t- half of my family is on vacation in South Carolina until further notice…and it happens to include the person who usually cooks Easter dinner. I’m sure I’ll get a chocolate rabbit in the mail, to supplement my wooly ones. Also, speaking of wooly- SHEEP SLIPPERS! best idea ever- they’d be made of…themselves…. Also- an idea rejected at first, but now more attractive- Boy wants to have shark slippers, with tails, and a big fin in place of the ears- and teeth…so that he may slide across floors making swishing noises and humming the soundtrack from ‘jaws’. That’s on the list, now. I have to wait until he forgets he wanted them.

Tomorrow’s another long day. And Thursday’s even longer. CPR training, which is required for my summer job (its like a camp thing), is six hours long. Six hours! The booklet they had us read was six pages long! are w really going to spend an hour learning how to apply pressure to a wound? or recognize the signs of a stroke? because I have cut myself open enough times to know how to do the former, and I can first recall learning the signs of the latter in…fourth grade. Oh well- it can’t hurt, I guess. Wait…. wrist problems. can it?


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