a weekend full of boxes

I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how productive I am, I will never get everything I wanted to get done finished. There’s always going to be something I still have to do. No such thing as getting to the end of the list. If that moment ever comes, it will be shortly followed by the end of the world. That said, I did have a fairly productive weekend.


My Friday nights- prior to the completion of this year’s dress- were filled with just that. After I finished that project, I kept up with the tradition of pretending I didn’t have homework until Saturday morning. Most people party, I guess. I spent my Friday night with this:

I have this piece of fabric- can’t be more than a yard- that I bought along with some brown woven wool to make a skirt. The paisley fabric was going to be the lining/inner waistband/pockets-the kind of elements you wouldn’t see unless I decided to show you. I don’t hardly want a paisley skirt. Anyhow, since it does match the wool so well, I decided to make an accessory for when I do make the skirt, and just in general. I beaded one of the paisleys, and cut/handkerchief-hemmed a rectangle to use as a head scarf. I’m not really sure what the singular form of paisley is- besides just paisley. I beaded a paisley. It certainly is a strange word. That took all of Friday- from 3:00 to bedtime, and about an hour and a half of Saturday morning. I think it’s pretty awesome. With all the beading I’ve been doing, I finally have the tension mastered enough to get the fabric to remain flat.Β  I have yet to make the skirt, but that will happen soon enough.

Saturday, I spent starting to learn Dreamweaver. It took most of the day, but I followed a 7 step tutorial from the Adobe website to build a website! I had the conceptual knowledge before- and now I have a basic understanding of Dreamweaver. I can read and understand basic html, and I can find my way around the program. I’m having some issues with ordered and unordered lists- and the entire section on the button bar at the top of the page went completely over my head, but other than that, the world makes sense. I want to write my own code for the button bar- Dreamweaver calls it a Spry Menu Bar. The tutorial had me insert a preexisting one into my web page, and then change the css. I’m not going to understand it if I don’t write it myself, though. That’s how I understood everything else. The best part is, it was so much easier to learn than I thought it was going to be. It all operates under a basic box metaphor, and as long as you understand the commands to make the boxes move and change, you’re golden. The reason, I think, that it was so easy for me, is that I have a long standing affection for boxes. Whether they are metaphorical or literal boxes does not matter. Some people’s organizational style involves lining things up by color or name- but I organize things into small boxes, and put them into larger boxes of related items, until I’m left with a few big boxes. Web design is just a bunch of metaphorical boxes. The best part is that there’s nothing that isn’t a box. It’s not like in real life, whereΒ  you have a box of…I don’t know, paperclips. In a web site, your smallest item is still a box! So many happy, organized boxes! I guess people just have different ways of organizing. My way’s boxes.

I was thinking about this wonderful box metaphor on Saturday night as I was learning to build my website,Β  and it occured to me that the reason that <divs> (the boxes) were so easy to understand, was the same reason that I love typesetting. There’s nothing better than making something, or some group of things, fit perfectly in a box. The box is a text box, and it’s full of type. Or, the box is a page, and it’s full of whatever goes on the page. My job is to make the text all fit into the box.

As good as I am, and as much as I love, my boxes- I’ve discovered I’m not too terribly good at color schemes. Really, only digital color schemes- I can handle fabric groups and paint colors pretty well. I am still working on a way to fix that business. I have a summer to work on it though. I have my color index books, but there are just so many choices! There’s an infinite number of colors, in an infinite number of combinations. There are too many choices! (I’m bad at choosing. Especially if I don’t have a box to put things in. The box metaphor works well in all areas of life. My emotions fit into boxes especially well. They only very rarely escape.)

You would not believe the amount of research that I’ve put into the HOW design pamphlet. I think I finally have most of it figured out, I just need to find myself some typefaces to match my color scheme, and I’ll be nearly there.



These are the things I’ve been working on for class. I want to get the cover picture to fade a touch more than it’s doing, but I’m having…difficulties. Also, my red dog tag looks pink. It might end up being another color. That depends on if other people think it looks pink.


Okay. Lemme ‘splain you something. There is some universal force in the great scheme of things, that is trying to stress me out-but it’s not going to work. That force does two things every Friday at work: it makes sure that very desperate clients come to Fine Arts Publications in need of help with something, or that I have some kind of fireball to do that will ultimately distract from what I would and should be doing, and it also makes sure that I am the only person available to deal with the problems that will ultimately arise. I don’t know what is different about Fridays, but it’s happened for enough weeks in a row that I can no longer discount it as a mere coincidence. There’s something different about the universe on Fridays- something that is trying to spite me. But listen here, universe: I have grown since last semester, I am no longer new to your tricks. I can handle myself! You might as well save it for someone else, because I got this. I know the administrator password, how to change the ink and the paper rolls in the printers, how to handle angry people, and how to keep my blood off the printouts. Despite all of this, universe- it would be nice if I didn’t have to resort to extraordinary measures to get things done every Friday, because of your antics. It would be nice if I wasn’t now behind schedule.

It’s alright, universe. Everything I do in Fine Arts Publications is now in my Fine Arts Publications box, where it shall remain until 11:00 tomorrow, when I spend five minutes wrestling with the key that only barely opens the door, and then try to catch up to where I should have been on Friday.


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