Today, there were goats.

Today, there were goats.

Goats on a roof.

Goats grazing on a roof!

Goats grazing on a roof!

This is Al Johnson’s, which is an (extremely) Swedish style restaurant located in Sister Bay, Wisconsin. The goats hang out on the roof and munch on the grass, while we take pictures, and then hang out in the restaurant munching on tasty swedish food. The waitresses are all dressed in traditional clothes, too! Sister Bay is a pretty small town, but the goats had still drawn enough of a crowd by 8:30 that we had to wait 45 minutes for a table. The town is also fairly goat-based, it would seem- flags hanging from the lamp posts were all goat shaped, and there was goat memorabilia in all the stores we visited. It was pretty fabulous. If you wander around the back of the restaurant, you can sort of see the platforms they use to get up there. On the other hand, maybe you don’t need to- because then you can keep coming up with imaginative ways that they could get them up there (my personal favorite was the idea for a goat-operated dumbwaiter system that blended in with the grass roof)

Having gotten our fill of Swedish cuisine, we wandered off to a variety of art galleries, most of which did not allow pictures. The Pleine Air festival is going on right now, so there were a variety of folks in different places painting outside.

Here’s the Fine Line Gallery:


This place is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. The barn-ish looking part still looks barn-ish on the inside, but it’s got something for the art lover in everyone inside- glass sculptures, ceramics, wood and fine furniture, and of course paintings. There was a particularly beautiful silk quilt that I loved, and some very tiny woodland scenes made with thread (I can’t really describe them very well, except that they were awesome!) Dad was pretty interested in the kinetic sculptures blowing in the wind outside, too. We’ll see if there’s a forest of them in the yard the next time I come home on vacation from college.

forest fish!

forest fish!

The next place we visited was a sculpture garden and also a gallery-Edgewood Orchard Galleries, although I didn’t see any orchard while I was there. There’s a neat little pathway that isn’t too long, shaded by trees, and teeming with sculpture, from metal to ceramic. The above picture is a metal fish hanging above the path. Just for size reference, a kid could pretty easily have fit inside it. There was a variety of art there, and I enjoyed all of it. The majority of it was also the work of local artists, and it was all for sale!(let’s not talk about my poor college student budget right now, but we’re all thinking it…)


Here’s another lighthouse! After yesterday’s Cana Island lighthouse, this little guy seemed like a dwarf. We couldn’t go up inside, because the tours were full, but it’s located in Peninsula State Park, and it’s called the Eagle Bluff lighthouse. You also can’t see any of the actual house without paying for the guided tour- which I hate, but it does finance the maintenance of the lighthouse, and lighthouses are expensive to maintain. Thus, I don’t know a lot about this particular one, like how many steps there are to the top, or whether it’s still functioning. It was still definitely worth seeing, though- and we could drive right up to it, there were no long hikes involved.


And lastly, on this short little blog post because I am just about fed up with the questionable internet this evening, is another happy little barn quilt on another happy little barn! We actually saw two, but one passed by too quickly for me to get a picture. It was another diagonally hung one, like yesterday’s crazy quilt block, and it was called Duck’s Feet- which is a quilt block I’d never heard of.

My handspun shawl is blocking in the corner, and there will be pictures tomorrow!

Tomorrow is kayaking, and quite hopefully better internet!


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