Interesting Things

A lot of interesting things have happened to me lately- maybe not to you, but I find them so. Then again, I consider myself to be an interesting person to myself in general. Not everyone shares that feeling, most likely.

The first interesting thing that happens (or, in some parts of the U. S., has already happened) around this time of year is the sprouting of the Alien Flowers.

From outer space!!

From outer space!!

Okay, fine. Most people call them Naked Lilies, or Naked Ladies. They’re bulbs, and people seem to like to plant them in unusual places, and then forget about them. They just seem to pop up overnight- one day you’re leading a perfectly normal earthling life, unaware of any extraterrestrial existence- and the next day, it’s like they’ve fallen out of the sky and landed in everyone’s yards. It’s like that episode of Doctor Who with the cubes- except the Alien Flowers don’t eventually try to kill everyone. I hope.

I think they’re one of my favorite flowers- partially because it amuses me greatly to think about the concept of alien plant life in general, and also partially because they don’t make me sneeze.


Here’s another interesting thing I forgot to post earlier in the summer:

Pallets, meet Hatchback.

Pallets, meet Hatchback.

I brought some pallets home, after spending weeks trying to track some down. They were leaning up beside a dumpster at Lowe’s- and some very friendly Lowe’s employees helped me load them in. They’re heavy little suckers, but they were free!

My brilliant plan was to deconstruct them, plane them down, and then build a small, crate-like nightstand for my new apartment. I did the deconstruction part ( Dad helped on the second one, but I pulled the first one apart with a crowbar all by myself!), and started planing them down, but the planer mysteriously quit on us, so the project has been put on hold for now. The most awesome part was the look on my face when I discovered that these babies are oak! yeeeaah! It’s going to be a really nice nighstand. If it ever gets done.

Speaking of getting things done, I finally finished the first Very Long Sock:


It just keeps going, and going, and going…

It goes nearly all the way up my leg- enough to keep me nice and toasty, should I decide to wear any skirts this winter. It also has a black vertical stripe right up the back, although I couldn’t really photograph that on my own.. You’ll see that when the second half of this little ensemble is complete. The only problem now, besides the fact that I still have to make the other one of these socks, is that I don’t have a skirt to go with them. I believe I have some black wool, but I may have used it last year for a botched attempt at a coat. If not- it’ll be off to the fabric store we go! I’ve wanted a wool skirt for a pretty long time, and now seems like a good time to start thinking about that.

Here’s another interesting thing- I don’t have any pictures for it, but I’m working this semester on an independent study with a linguistics professor, helping her to build a website for autistic and socially challenged individuals who hope to improve on their social skills. I think it’s going to be a really great project that will hopefully help a lot of people, and I’m so glad to be a part of it. I don’t know how far we’ll get this semester, but I have high hopes.

As promised, I’ve also been working on a bit of illustration work- namely for a brochure advertising a wedding venue:

A bride and her bouquet- and my messy illustration table.

A bride and her bouquet- and my messy illustration table.

I’ve since finished the gouache illustration part, and brought it into the computer, but I’m currently fighting the texture of the watercolor paper showing up in my scans. Rusty suggested I try photographing it instead, so I’ll be doing that in a little bit.

We won’t talk about the number of times I almost dunked my paintbrushes in coffee instead of paint water…

Here’s the last thing. There’s this really nice (top of the line) weaving loom for sale up here- the girl who owns it is moving and downsizing. Its original selling price is 8200, and she’s selling it for 1600. The issue is, the thing takes up a 7 ft wide by 7 ft deep area, and I’m not sure if I have room for it either- not to mention that $1600 is still a lot of money. It’s possible that she already sold it, because the ad went up a week ago- but I’m having such a hard time deciding if I want it or not. Well, of course I want it- I guess a better way of saying that is, whether it’s a smart thing to buy. I could do so much with it- weave my own fabric, make and sell garments or just yardage… But I have a lot of other things I like to do too… I just don’t know.


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