The Squirrels Know What’s Up.

The squirrels know what’s up. I was walking back from a meeting- across the quad- yesterday, and I came across this:

I know the feeling, small furry friend...I know the feeling.

I know the feeling, small furry friend…I know the feeling.

Apparently, when it’s a billion (maybe a slight exaggeration) degrees outside, the squirrels take to the sidewalks and sprawl out there in an attempt to cool their furry little bodies off. I walked right past him, and he sort of gave me a look- we made eye contact, and there was an understanding. I felt the same way he did. I could have laid down on the sidewalk next to him, to see if the squirrel method is a functional way of cooling off, but I had places to be.

I passed the squirrel on my way into the art building, where apparently they do not believe in the concept of temperature regulation, because it was like walking into Antarctica. I have been known to bring a heating pad to the classes I have in that building, although today I’d brought along a wool sweater. It’s just ridiculous! I bet our little furry friend was jealous, though.

I don’t have a great many pictures to show you, but here’s a picture I took for Digital Photography a few days ago:

physical plant

We were just supposed to be messing around with light, so I can’t really say what the project was about, because it wasn’t really a project. I mostly just like it because it’s my favorite part of campus, because I like the old brick, the ivy, and the different shadow patterns that come from all the trees in the area. There’s also a truly fabulous brick walkway that I always find useful in some way for my projects.

Here’s something else you might find interesting- I haven’t posted any design related stuff in a while, but since school’s kind of picking up the pace again, it seems relevant.

Faculty exhibition typographic assignment

Faculty exhibition typographic assignment

This was just a little one-weekend assignment to redesign a preexisting poster (The event is a real live thing that’s already happened- it’s up for another couple weeks, though, if you’re in the Kirksville area and are interested in seeing some of Truman’s Faculty artwork. I thought everything was pretty darn cool. Anyways, the original poster features artwork from one of the professors (it’s a painted bird on a yellow-green background) and the text is just arranged down the right side in a column, next to the bird. Our task was to redesign the poster using at least 70% typography, and only with black and white. I’m having a mini argument with myself about the tagline, because it could be very firmly argued that the artwork of professors is considered their research. I would be in the category of people that would argue that, even- but it does make for a catchy tagline, regardless.

Also- I GOT A BICYCLE! one I can actually ride! I’m so excited about that. I took it on its maiden voyage to the post office yesterday because I sold 3 bags in the etsy store this weekend, and they needed to be shipped. I’m keeping it indoors because it’s safer there, and also because I like to look at it. I’ll show you a picture later- I’m hoping to have some time to go on a for-real bike ride over the weekend, especially since the weather’s supposed to be wonderful- not the kind of squirrel-immobilizing nonsense we’ve had as of late.

I promise to take pictures!

Anyways, you should be seeing a lot of cool stuff from me in the near future, because I’m working on spending less time on the internet, and getting more actual, tangible things done- so hopefully the results of that will be posted here in a rather timely fashion. It’s important to maintain healthy time management habits, don’t you think? Maybe it’s mostly because I suddenly seem to have a bunch of stuff to get done.


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