The Accidental Hipster

This is going to be a sort of rant. You’ve been warned.

I think I might accidentally be a hipster.

I had this discussion with my roommate and her friend last night, and they thought I was way overthinking the whole situation. What I’m saying is, if you wandered across this blog post with the expectation that there would be some light reading, maybe some pictures of knitting and beadwork- well, today is not your day. Carry on, my dear friend, for today is a day of deep discussion- of personality, social norms, and cultural direction. There are a few photos at the bottom of the post, though- feel free to pop on down there if you like. I won’t tell anyone.

Someone over at UrbanDictionary spent a very long time writing a very long essay about hipsters- the personality, subculture, origins, etc.. I’m sure you don’t feel like reading it, so I’ll sum it up. Basically, a hipster is a person who considers him or herself to be ‘apart’ from the mainstream. This often means a sort of modern creativity, fashion sense (more on that in a bit), and general opinions about ‘the rest’ of the population. Basically, they try to step back from what they consider ‘mainstream’, especially consumerism, and try to be unique. The irony here, though, is that if they try too hard to be nonconformists, they often find themselves conforming within the group of fellow hipsters.

The clearest example is the fashion sense: thrift store clothes, tight jeans, vintage finds, and thick, dark rimmed glasses. They listen to little-known bands, and banter amongst themselves about society, the media, and lack of identity of the consumer.

They’re pretty much hippies.

So, where do I fit in to all this? Am I a hipster? A hippie? A mainstream conformist with no idea how deep I’ve dug my own little hole of consumerist values? Here’s the question I posed last night- Is it required that one be cognizant of the values of the hipster in order to be considered one? Do you have to consciously say- “I have a problem with the mainstream, and I want to take a step back from that”- or is it a part of the subconscious? Of an individual’s personality, for example, and it just so happens that they have found enough like-minded individuals to form a subculture and give themselves a name?

I certainly don’t know a lot about the whole thing, and I’m just spouting views and concerns about the whole thing, and sort of wondering where this rant is going as much as you probably are.

I would argue that I’m definitely not very mainstream- fashion sense, thoughts, taste in music (mostly), or otherwise- and I would argue also that big frames on glasses are useful if you don’t want to be seeing the frames in your peripheral vision all the time. However, I definitely don’t follow the hipster norm of doing non-mainstream things just because they are not mainstream.

Here enlies the ever-present question. Is hipsterism a conscious decision? If it is, I can safely say I’m not a hipster. If the label lies more in the behavioral aspects, then it’s very possible that I’ve found myself turning into one. The thrift store finds, big glasses, and tendencies to shy away from the mainstream?

But really, what’s the use in trying to label myself? I am me- I have hipster friends, and maybe I have hipster ways, but any label is a stereotype and every individual defies stereotype. I am a little bit of everything- omnipresent across the stereotypes I understand, and probably conforming even to ones I don’t. I am a hipster, a hippie, a prep, and a nerd. A geek, among similarly minded people. Everyone sort of is, I think, though maybe in different proportions. What’s the use in labeling it? It doesn’t make any difference. It’s the thoughts, the personality of the individual that’s what matters.


Okay, guys. You made it through the rant. Cheers! I’ve got news, though- I’ve already got another rant planned for the next post.

But this time, I promised pictures:

Here’s a picture of my [new, hipster, thrift shop] teacup filled with my new addiction- English Breakfast Tea:

Look at that Teacup! Look at it! Bask in its splendor!

Look at that Teacup! Look at it! Bask in its splendor!

Here’s a picture of the [Finally Finished] socks that I started last year for Emma:

They took forever to finish because I'm not a huge fan of the stitch pattern- but they're done! I'm over it!

They took forever to finish because I’m not a huge fan of the stitch pattern- but they’re done! I’m over it!

There’s also a smidge there of my Very Long Rainbow Sock- though that is a discussion in and of itself, and will be held later in more depth.

Emma, coincidentally, now has a blog full of awesomeness, and although there are no posts on it yet, there will be soon- and she’s awesome, so any future blog posts of hers are bound to be awesome too! So, check out Dreaming of Alpacas!

On a less related to craftiness, but more, once again, related to the hipster activities of the inhabitants of Apartment #11, (That’d be Emma and myself)- Here’s a teapot!

Silver! It's all very exciting. Nice looking little guy, too. This occasion calls for the knitting of a tea cozy!

Silver! It’s all very exciting. Nice looking little guy, too. This occasion calls for the knitting of a tea cozy!

Isn’t is beautiful!?! I got it at the thrift shop downtown for 12 dollars! It shined up pretty nicely, too- you’re looking at the ‘before’ picture. I’ll post the ‘after’ after I finish polishing all the little crevices. Why a teapot, you ask? Well, we’re having a Tea Party!

That’s right. Emma wrote out invitations, and we’re making baked goods and pastries, and serving tea, and we’re going to dress up in our fancy clothes and break out the white tablecloth. That’ll be happening next week, and I assure you that there will be photos. Many. If everything goes well, we might be able to make this event a weekly, or bi-weekly thing. I’m so looking forward to it! So, naturally- teapot!

Also, in the next post I’ll tell you all about the article that the very lovely Teri Maddox wrote about me in the Belleville paper. Here’s a photo from the article:

Look at that chickadee! Doesn't she look swell!

Look at that chickadee! Doesn’t she look swell!

(Seriously, guys. The biggest problem I’m having right now is trying to figure out a way to appear flat-chested and boyish with the…particular traits….that I’ve inherited from my mother….So. Many. Compression. Wraps.)

Well, guys- thanks for sticking with me through the end of this one. It was maybe a little long and I think my train of thought may have derailed somewhere in the middle there, but, well, I’m glad I made it through, and I’m ever so thrilled that you’re all along for the ride. Thanks guys, and don’t forget to be awesome!




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