Something borrowed, something blue

So you probably want to know about the hair.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the old rhyme:

Something old,Something new.
Something borrowed,
Something blue-
And a silver sixpence in her shoe

It’s a little rhyme about good-luck things to have at your wedding. I promise this blue hair thing isn’t about me getting married, though. You can read into it as much as you want, but don’t read that. Some literary clues are just there to confuse us, and make us hate literary analysis.

I still think it applies, though; and I like the poem, it’s sweet.

I decided to dye my hair blue because it’s probably the last time I’ll be able to do such a thing without worrying about whether I’ll be hired or something like that. At this point in my life, I don’t care what people think of me. I am secure in my friendships and relationships, and I’m so lucky to have people that accept me regardless of the color of my….hair. At the end of this semester, I’ll start seriously looking for jobs, though, and I’ll start caring again. I won’t be as secure and I’ll probably try to hide all my crazy and act normal until my work and general life situation is somewhat stable again. So, blue hair seemed like a good way to acknowledge the seeming end of an era- in one last, semi-permanent rebellious act of color-crisis.

So, here’s how it happened:

Emma and I were shopping, and I was going on about being rebellious and doing silly things and I said something about dyeing my hair. She took to the idea. I thought about it seriously. We discussed my previous purple bangs, and how they had ended badly. I decided it would be blue, if it would be at all, because green fades kind of ugly, and so does anything with red. I thought about it more, and basically visions of blue-haired sugar plum fairies danced in my head until I gave in.

Buenas TARDIS!

Buenas TARDIS!

I chose ‘Manic Panic’ in ‘rockabilly blue’, because it’s a beautiful color.

One weekend, I had my ever-understanding and wonderful boy bring me the dye and lightener kit. I had to wait until after Halloween though, because flappers don’t have blue hair, and the very point was to be authentic. I lasted a day.

Saturday started with Becky helping me bleach my hair- the point was not to lighten it, but since the nature of the semi-permanant dye is to sit on the strand rather than soak in, the bleach helps roughen things up a bit. I, surprisingly, was not allergic to the chemicals used in that process!

Just a touch lighter than usual

Just a touch lighter than usual

(remember that scene in Gilmore Girls where Rory is helping Lane dye her hair, and she’s allergic to the bleach? but she has black hair so the bleach has to stay on for forever, and she’s running around the square with a towel wrapped around her shoulders, screaming? I was 95% sure that was going to be me, and I was prepared to deal with it similarly.)

So. Not lightened significantly, but good enough to roughen up the strands so that the blue adheres. I won’t go into the science of that, because I’m sure you don’t care- but it’s cool. Reminds me of dyeing wool!

Bleached hair dry, I started in on the dye. I haven’t got much to say about that process that isn’t explained in this picture:

Hello, Smurfette!

Hello, Smurfette! (not really, because smurfette’s skin is blue and her hair is yellow..)

So, really dark, yeah? But the internet told me it would lighten up when it was washed, so I wasn’t worried. Besides, it’s just hair. If it turns out I hate it, I could cut it off and it’ll grow back. I wrapped my head in cling-wrap, as per the instructions of the all-knowing internet, and I heat set it (though, my sister has informed me, not well enough).Ā  Washed it out a few hours later, and voila! Blue hair!

YOU try taking selfies with a DSLR. It's hard!

YOU try taking selfies with a DSLR. It’s hard!

I honestly haven’t planned past the point of getting it blue. It is now blue, and I am happy.

I can’t call it a midlife crisis, because it’s not (I certainly hope), midlife- but a month or two of blue hair is a helluva lot better than a little red convertible, or quitting my life to travel around the world.


never mind.

Here’s a video that one of my friends found that basically sums up my life right now:

I think I’m going to do some touchup tonight- there’s a spot that is a little lighter than I think it should be. I’ll let you all know how that goes, but in the meantime, I’m going to try my best to get as many people as I can to stare at my awesomeness. Yeah. That’s right.


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