Resuscitation and Illustration

T’was the night before a very big project was due, and all through the apartment, candy wrappers and coffee mugs were strewn about, and Kat was wide awake, when things took a turn for the stressful.

I hesitate to call what my computer did a ‘crash’- because it did eventually wake back up again, but I definitely feel comfortable calling it a meltdown. A temper tantrum. Scratch disk error, will not save, error, error, you get the picture. I managed to get everything (re)done- it’s always faster the second time….and I even got half an hour of sleep! I’d consider that a success, given the circumstances.

So- the poor thing was puttering along, like a car 20 years past its prime with a spare tire that doesn’t quite fit, a bumper dragging along the road leaving a trail of sparks in its wake, and a few doors that no longer close all the way. The kind of car that can’t be trusted to start reliably when you ask it to. I, meanwhile, was crunching numbers and trying to decide if getting a new computer was even a possibility. I’d known for a while that the hard drive wasn’t what it used to be.Β Dad suggested replacing it, but I was thinking that was going to cost more than the whole thing was worth (which turned out not to be true- so it works out either way).

I enlisted the help of the guy who does the Mac repairs here, and stopped by his office. He was replacing the hard drive in an iMac when I wandered in (you have to take the screen off to do that! Computer surgery is scary!) Also, he has a poster in his office that’s an image from the superbowl commercial that introduced the iMac. I am a jealous nerd! Anyways, he walked me through running a disk repair, which would hopefully correct any software issues, and told me how to install a new hard drive, should that be necessary. Easy as pie, and especially considering that the cost of installation can be 3 times more expensive than the actual replacement hard drive.

The tagline is: On January 24th, Apple Computers will release its new Macintosh. And you’ll see why 1984 won’t be like “1984”.

So- replacing the hard drive is a backup plan, but the repair that we ran on the disk seems to have worked surprisingly well. I even did some illustration stuff last night, and it didn’t try to put up a fight! I’m going to need a new computer anyways, because it is a well known fact that my gimpy little laptop is not powerful enough to handle all my projects- but now at least we could be back on track to buy it when I graduate, rather than…next weekend…

So there- the life and death of a computer. I can’t say I fully trust it, but then again, putting one’s full trust in technology never led to anything good.

You’re probably (not actually but I’ll tell you anyways) wondering what I’ve been doing to this poor computer that led to its near death experience this week. I shall show you:

computer type spread

Here’s a spread from that project I was working on when it crashed. I am a pretty huge fan of that little digital illustration:

typewriter vs computer

Look! Look at this thing that I made! I will like it less later, but I like it a lot now!

I’d just like to point out that the colors in the first one are far more accurate. But I do sort of like that purple on the screen of the mac in the second one… RGB/CMYK conversions can be so enlightening sometimes!

If you’re good, I might show you the rest of the project at some point. Maybe.

Also, the thing that I was working on last night- which is not very good, but now I’m on this things-that-fly kick, and I’m using this as a skeleton to redo one where there’s no assignment to limit my colors. The structure’s there, though!

Also- what is this deal? I seriously need to work on my color-picking abilities. Never satisfied.

Also- what is this deal? I seriously need to work on my color-picking abilities. Never satisfied.

I hesitate to put this up here, because I’m not a fan of how it turned out, but even in my sleep-deprived, caffeine-addled haze, I can tell that this general idea has potential. So here- written proof that I’m coming back to it. You are all witnesses.

After I finish the hot air balloon, maybe I’ll do an airplane! or a bird! Things with wings are cool. Bear with me as I ignore that hot air balloons don’t actually have wings… It’s the thought that counts. All I need now is a bit of time to work on those things, and I’ll be good to go!

I’m field tripping to Columbia this weekend, which is good, because-supplies- but I’m going to try my very hardest to be productive regardless of time spent in the car.

Incidentally, time spent in the car is largely going to consist of me, singing loudly and out of tune to a mind boggling variety of strange music.

I’ll let you know what comes of that wish to get stuff done. I just keep wanting so desperately to have time to focus on the etsy store. Let’s talk about my productivity, though. I prefer to work under pressure, which is not necessarily a good habit, but I also find that the time constraint prevents me from futzing with things that don’t need to be futzed with. As a result of this preference, on normal days when my computer’s not crashing and things aren’t falling to pieces around me, you’ll usually find me spending a few hours in the late afternoon exploring the deep abyss that is the internet. If I could focus, and use that time to work on little personal projects, I wouldn’t be having this problem. I am working on this. I have the same number of hours in my day as Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, and Leonardo Davinci- and what do I do with it?

Pictures of cats. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

End note: Every time I see my reflection, I have a little two-second freak out about who that girl is, looking back at me with that blue hair.


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