3.0: Ginger Flares

Way back when this blog was a tiny newborn – still a class requirement for posting homework assignments rather than a place for sewing discussions – I wrote a post about how even though I’d really, really like to have a time machine, ultimately that whole ‘born in the wrong era’ attitude is actually total nonsense and there really is no time like the present.

If you want to get in deep with the psychology of that thing, here’s the post. Okay. Got that out of your system? Perhaps I should warn you that what I have for you today is not nearly as deep. It is, however, pretty freakin’ awesome, and very much not from The Now.


I even pulled out the Woodstock shirt. Nobody can accuse me of subtlety.

It’s Flares! The eagle-eyed readers among you will recognize this denim – scored at a discount because of a flaw, it ended up turning into not one, but two pairs of Gingers (the first is here). Those were practical: these are the dreamy, retro styled, flower child, high waisted flared jeans of my technicolor dreams.


Should’ve taken off the belt for some of these pictures. I have a fancy coppery button! Also should have swept the patio…

Although I wasn’t around for the 70’s, my parents were – and I’ve seen the pictures. (My mom, for the record, called these ‘elephant bells’ when she saw them on Skype, and my dad said he hadn’t seen a pair like them since the very early 70’s.)


PS – This post is a week behind schedule because it’s been raining for NINE. DAYS. Also it started raining in the middle of my shoot. You’ll have to imagine the bag I put over the camera…

Whether you call them flares, bell bottoms, or elephant bells, I was around for the 90’s, and those jeans were still magically the height of fashion (at least in my little world – also Wikipedia says they made a resurgence in 1996 which sounds about right)- and I’m here today to tell you that they still are.


Maybe someday I won’t have to punch extra holes in my belts…

Jon says he positively won’t be seen with me in public until I “fix them” but I’ll just have my own fun – these puppies aren’t going anywhere.

I snagged the Ginger flare extension when I originally bought the pattern, because obviously– I just though it was going to take me a little longer to get around to actually making them. Never have I been so happy to be wrong! When the extra denim presented itself, I knew exactly what it was destined to be. As I mentioned in the sister-jeans post, I actually made these at the same time, but I only had enough rivets for one pair, so I had to wait to order more.


It’s raining, it’s sunny. What even is New Zealand.

Other than the following changes, construction went as well as it always does:

  • Used my modified butt yoke piece with reduced height at CB
  • Used my curved waistband adjustment to get rid of gaping
  • Reduced width from thigh section (by a probably imperceptible amount)
  • Added an extra 2″ in leg length per my usual inseam requirements (I ended up removing some of it again but it was good to have)
  • Added twice as many rivets as the pattern calls for, because I ❤ Rivets

That’s it! Nothing major or especially invasive, and those first two bullet points were adjustments I’d already saved from my high waisted Ginger muslin.


~Obligatory Ginger Booty Shot~ (Ugh there’s a yoke wrinkle. I promise it’s the way I’m standing! Also, you can just barely see the belt loop X I made and forgot to photograph)

I used some fabulous flower-power quilting cotton for the pocket stays (forgot to take a picture of that too), reveled in the Grand Zipper Reveal like everyone always does, and just generally enjoyed the process! I did manage to hammer a hole in my denim as I was installing one of the butt-pocket rivets. I’ve stitched it up and we’ll see how it wears, but it might just end up with a peace sign patch…


When your windproof umbrella almost blows away…

I’m a 90’s child- some would say a millennial, although I mostly feel too old for that term because I have very distinct memories of what life was like Before Internet. Although I listen to a lot of 70’s music, I definitely wasn’t there to experience it firsthand. I really enjoy social history – learning about how the people before us grew up, the clothes they wore and the way their lives differed from ours. Although I like to surround myself with relics of those decades, I harbor no illusions that I’m more suited to an era other than this one. It’s probably one of the greatest perks of the modern age that I can easily access information that allows me to immerse myself in history, and to recreate the bits of it that I adore: Like 70’s flares and 50’s party dresses, and an almost entirely historically accurate silk flapper costume, just ’cause.


LOVE that wide hem.

This post seems really short for my usual wordy standard, but I’ve really got nothing to report aside from my general pleasure at having a pair of flares in my closet again – and a reinforced view of how awesome high-waisted anything is. Hopefully the weather dries up in time for next week’s post!




5 thoughts on “3.0: Ginger Flares

  1. Janet Rodgers says:

    I remember very well wearing bell bottoms! Despite being 4’10.5″ because I was skinny I was just about able to get away with them. I just avoided standing beside my 5’8″ sister in law when I wore them! I wasn’t self conscious about my height, but when she was around, I couldn’t compete with those long legs of hers! You’ve done a great job of them. They look superb. Where I live, Northern Ireland, they were called flares or bell bottoms too. There are so many things coming back into fashion for the second time I could be made to think about my age! However, I refuse…….I am young in my head….. I just wish my body would realise that too!!! Oh, I like your hair. You appear to have it cut a bit differently (again) and I love it!!

    • Kat says:

      Haha, Janet! That’s wonderful! I get the opposite: although I wouldn’t call myself ‘self conscious’ I definitely try to avoid standing next to shorter people… I tend to slouch! I, a young person, have also noticed things coming back into fashion – it’s a never ending cycle. Thank you so much for that lovely note, and you noticed my hair! I’ve done a half- shave sort of thing, not that you can tell…I’m still undecided but the nice thing about hair is that it grows back 😉

  2. Merry Pinbender says:

    Ms K.,
    Love those jeans! Makes me think of Tower Clothing store and its wall of Levis. I grew up in the home town of Tower Records. There was a Tower Books too. Ha, how’s that for a blast from the past? Oh yeah, almost forgot, everyone had to have a pair of maroon cords with flare!
    I like your version with the modern pocket swirls. Keep on Truckin’! 😀
    Luv, Merry

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