About Me (and The Void)



In case you hadn’t figured it out, I’m Kat and this is The Void. I’m an American currently living in New Zealand, livin’ it up in a significantly smaller sewing space than I’m used to. I learned to sew from my Mom in the pre-internet times, and I’ve been knitting since high school, screen printing since college, when I started the KatKnits etsy store with my screen printing, illustration, and textile design education.

The Void (this blog) began as a course-required element of an illustration class in 2011, where we posted our work weekly for the professor to grade, and for fellow classmates to creep on our work. At some point the lines between classwork and my own projects blurred, and it turned from required homework into a documentation of my hobbies. Further on down the road, it also ended up as a documentation of my move from the Midwest to sunny New Zealand. You can check out my projects page for links to past make-posts, or browse categories for travel posts and specific types of projects.

My current goal for this space is to create a record of my projects, as well as share knowledge from my experiences (so you can avoid my mistakes!) and most importantly – to make friends with similar sewing/knitting/world domination interests! If you have a question/want to commiserate over natural fibers and old sewing machines, I’m chillin’ at katherine.klebenow@gmail.com!