I’ve Moved to a New Website!

The time has finally come, dear readers.

I’ve outgrown this place. I started this blog in 2011 as  a class assignment, and it (and I) have grown far beyond its confines. I’ve been blogging consistently for a little over a year now, and I’d like to carry on doing just that – but I needed space to grow.


I’ve ditched KatKlebenow in favor of KatMakes, and I’d love it if you popped over for a visit! I’d really, really like to know what you think because I’ve been staring at setup screens for so long I think I’ve gone screen-blind, and Jon’s a bit tired of me talking about this.

Something Big and Exciting happened last weekend that sort of ramped up the timeline of things – and I’ve spent every available evening since then working on a new website that I think will fit my needs a bit better in the future. The Big and Exciting Thing isn’t fully announced yet, but you’ll get the idea if you click that link at the top of my new site that says ‘The Wedding Dress’. (*gasp!*)

So. What’s changed? It’s outlined below:

If you follow me via WordPress: I’d really appreciate it if you came and followed me again on KatMakes!

If you follow me via email: After this post goes out, I’ll be exporting my email subscribers and uploading them to my new blog. If this bit of technology works, you should get a little note to let you know you’re subscribed (it’ll give you an option to opt-out, too)

If you follow me via bloglovin’: I’ll be transferring my followers from old blog to new blog after this post goes out! Easy.

If you follow me via another blog reader: You may have to adjust your settings. For your copy and paste convenience, the full url of the new blog is http://www.katmakes.com/blog, and the rss info is http://www.katmakes.com/blog?format=rss

In a few days, I’ll be setting up a redirect that will mean whenever you try to find my blog here, a friendly internet robot will bring you to my new site instead.

My usual Monday Morning post will keep on keepin’ on – I’ve got a really colorful one for you this week – and it’ll be live on my new site on (you guessed it) Monday morning. I really hope I’ll see you there!